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                                     ~Mission Statement~

The mission of ~Successful Life Services~ is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities, the unemployed or otherwise distressed.  ~SLS~ will teach all individuals to become employable, active, respected, involved, confident, caring and productive citizens within their communities.

In partnership with surrounding businesses, government, business leaders, funding sources and fund raisers; SLS will provide a diversified work force with the necessary job placement, job training, peer-to-peer support, employer-employee education to include integration, habilitation and rehabilitation into businesses, jobs, volunteering, community events, recreational and social environments.

                                    ~Sherry L. Schamante~

Sherry Schamante has demonstrated her talents in the field of services to individuals with disabilities since 1979.  She had worked for JARC from 1979-1989 as a Resident Manager of a group home, as a Recreation Coordinator and Residential Program Supervisor and lastly as the Supported Independent Program Coordinator.  In January 1990, Ms. Schamante came to work at JVS as a Job Coach for a new Supported Employment grant with Kadima and MRS. In October 1991 as the Rehabilitation Services department grew, she was promoted to the position of Job Coach Supervisor.  In 2000, she was promoted again to Manager Community Based Services.

During Ms. Schamante's tenure at JVS job coaching services, now called Community Based Services has grown from a staff of 5 to a department of 80 serving Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.  Ms. Schamante was instrumental in that growth.  Her efforts have also focused on developing a curriculum for training job coaches to work effectively with customers in the community, whether at an SEP enclave site, a Community Based Assessment job site, or a competitive employment site.  She has developed systems and protocols which enable coaches to effectively support customers to achieve vocational success.

During Ms. Schamante's tenure in all the programs in the Community Based Services department has grown and thrived.  She was instrumental in developing job sites for enclaves for the Supported Employment Program which enables persons with significant developmental disabilities to participate in community based employment and earn a paycheck. She was instrumental in managing those sites and always ensure both employer and consumer needs were being met.

~Successful Life Services~ was created in 2011 to continue the programs with individuals with disabilities and their role in Community Services.



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